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Dr. Sam Foster's Chemistry class conducts "hands-on" learning activities with Raymond Elementary

School 5th-grade students.


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Service Learning Opportunities

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Orange County On Track - provides a support system for disadvantaged families and helps create a safety and more compassionate society by creating opportunities, hope and respect for individuals.  There are two programs in particular that your students could connect: (1) Kids on Track Through Adult Mentoring, Adult Mentoring for Children of Prisoners and AmeriCorps/Vista community service positions. 


Women's Transitional Living Center - we have worked with the WTLC for a number of years and their needs keep increasing due to the demand for emergency/transitional housing and services for victims and families of domestic violence.  They have recently added a Translation Program and need individuals who can translate/communicate with clients in languages that include, but are not limited to, the following: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Farsi, Arabic.  The intensive training that individuals receive is state certified (40 hours) and all participants receive certification mandated by the CA Evidence Code Section 1037.1 for Domestic Violence service providers.






































"Service Learning is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities." 

                                          National Commission on Service Learning


Service-learning allows learners to apply classroom theories to authentic and practical situations by connecting it to the needs of the local and global community.
Goals of Service-learning:

  • involves collaboration

  • addresses significant community needs

  • enriches the traditional classroom learning

  • provides structured time for student reflection

  • fosters the development of civic and social responsibility

Service-learning enables students to understand their involvement and commitment can make a difference in the quality of life in their community. The connection between service-learning and academic study is made through reflection activities/journals, small group discussions and consultations with faculty. Reflection allows the student to internalize his/her learning and to develop a sense of purpose about their relationship to the larger community.



Service Learning Information Directory




Information and Answers to FAQs


  What is service learning?

Service Learning integrates community service into the curriculum to enhance and enrich student learning and promote civic responsibility.  In a way, service-learning holds up a mirror for us to see ourselves, a microscope for us to examine our society, and binoculars for us to see what lies ahead.

How and why is service learning important?

Students learn more when they are actively involved in what they are learning than when they are passive recipients of information.  Service learning is "active participation" in learning and one of the most effective forms of active learning.   


What are the different benefits?

  • increases retention;

  • provides quality education;

  • increases the relevancy of education to students 'living in a real world;

  • enhances personalized education for students;

  • teaches positive values, leadership, citizenship and personal responsibility;

  • empowers students as learners, teachers, achievers and leaders;

  • invites students to become members of their own community;

  • teaches job skills and prepares students for careers after college;

  • encourages faculty to be innovative and creative in their teaching;

  • contributes to a university's outreach efforts to the local community, the state and beyond;

  • increases campus-community collaboration and partnerships;

  • helps with community education; and

  • contributes thousands of hours of service to people in need, non-profit agencies, private sector companies, non-governmental and governmental agencies.


   What are the organizations and agencies in Orange County? 


There are over 150 agencies and organizations in Orange County that need help.  Here the names of just a few.  For a complete list, click on the link below or contact the Office of Special Programs (714) 992-7067.


Agency List


If you're interested in knowing which courses offer community service learning, which organizations you can perform service or just want to learn a little more about community service learning, then you've come to the right place!




   How can faculty get involved?

     Resources for faculty:

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  Service-Learning Forms

Below are all of the forms that must be on file or completed.  Each form is available as a MSWord document or a PDF (portable document file).  If you do not have the MSWord software on your computer then click on the PDF version.  In order to read the PDF version, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader Click here (X) for a free version of Adobe Acrobat reader.

For Current documents please stop into the Office of Special Programs in Room 225 located above the cafeteria.

  • Complete Packet of Forms Coming Soon...

  • Agency Articulation Agreement Form Coming Soon...

  • Assumption of Risk Form Coming Soon... 

  • Program Agency Information Sheet Form     

  • Program Enrollment Form Coming Soon...     

  • Student Time Sheet Form Coming Soon... and Coming Soon...

  • Student Participation Guidelines and Policies Coming Soon...

  • Student Survey Coming Soon...

  • Requirements for Transcript Documentation Coming Soon...

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